Destaco Landing

    Destaco is the world leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and support of clamps and other workplace products for manufactutring needs.

    Destaco Manual Toggle  

    Manual Toggle Clamps

    DE-STA-CO offers a wide selection 
    of manual toggle clamps:
    Destaco Pneumatic Clamps

    Pneumatic Clamps

    DE-STA-CO pneumatic clamps are ideal
    for repetitive production operations:
    • Hold-down action
    • Straight line action
    • Swing/pull action
    • Electric pivot action
    Destaco Accessories

    Clamp Accessories

    Accessories are matched to DE-STA-CO
    clamps for optimal performance:
    • Neoprene spindle
    • Polyurethane caps
    • Adapters and extensions
    • Stainless steel spindles

    Please contact us for sales and support (800) 982-8894 or click here to request a volume quote.

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