Collection: Domnick Hunter


Domnick Hunter Filtration and Separation Division of Parker offers a range of compressed air treatment, filtration and separation solutions


Compressed Air Products

  • Breathing air purifiers - models: BAF, BAP-015,
  • BAS-2010, BAS-3015, BAC-4015, BA-DME, BAM
  • Heatless desiccant dryers - models: Midas, Pneudri medium / large flow
  • Mist eliminators - series: MIST-XL

Gas Generators

  • Hydrogen gas generators
  • Zero air gas generators
  • Analytical / laboratory nitrogen gas generators
  • Industrial nitrogen gas generators

Compressed Air Filters

  • OVR Oil vapor removal filters - series: OIL-X Evolution
  • Carbon Steel Fabricated Compressed Air Filters - series: OIL-EX Evolution
  • Compressed Air Filters - series: GL plus
  • Intermediate Pressure Compressed Air Filters - series: OIL-X IP50 Advantage
  • Stainless Steel Compressed Air Filters - series: OIL-X
  • Compressed Air Filters for Railway Applications - series: TF
  • Compressed Air Heaters - series: VH
  • Compressed Air Filters - series: OIL-X Evolution
  • Grade WS Compressed Air Water Separators - series: OIL-X Evolution

Vacuum Pump Filters

  • Protection filters - series: OIL-X Evolution
  • High efficiency medical vacuum filters - series: OIL-X Evolution

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