Collection: Eaton Filtration


Eaton is a global technology leader in industrial filtration solutions.


Automatic Self Cleaning
Filters and Strainers

  • Mechanically cleaned filters: DCF, MCF 824 series
  • High flow mechanically cleaned strainers:
    MCS 500, MCS 1500
  • Tubular backwashing filters: AFC, AFR, Clear Amine, F series,
    Reactogard catalyst protection filters
  • Cast and fabricated pipeline strainers: model 2596

Manual Pipeline Strainers

  • Basket strainer - simplex models: 72 basket, 73 straight flow, 30R,
    72L Tefzel plastic lined, 72SJ steam jacketed, 510 multi-basket
  • Basket strainer - duplex models: 53 BTX to 4 inch, 50 5-8 inch,
    52 10-18 inch, 570 multi-basket 8-24 inch
  • Fabricated strainers - simplex models: 90 1-48 inch
  • Fabricated strainers - duplex models: 950B offset strainer quick
    opening cover, 950B offset strainer bolted cover
  • Temporary strainers: model 92
  • Tee type: model 91
  • Y-Strainers - model 85 Y: 1/4-10 inch

Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Filters

  • Low pressure - simplex filters: tank-top return, spin on,
    suction, in-line, off-line filters
  • Low pressure - duplex filters: In-line filters
  • Medium pressure - simplex filters: in-line, manifold filters
  • Medium pressure - duplex filters: MDD series
  • High pressure - simplex filters: in-line, manifold filters
  • High pressure - duplex filters: standard

Filtration Systems

  • Stationary off-line units - for products: US20, US21, US22,
    US40, US80, US160, US320, US321, US640
  • Stationary off-line units with heat exchanger - for products:
    USP20, USP41, USP81, USP161, USP320
  • Filter carts - for products: UM20, UM40, UM80, UM125,
    Flowash™ basic and industrial carts
  • Mobile fluid purifier systems - for products: IFPM32, IFPM72

Gas Liquid Separators

  • Replacement parts for electric actuators
  • Gas liquid separators: types DTL dry, 10-R,
    TS vertical, T/ST cast, 31-LSF
    31L-ST, 60-I and 70-I internal, 30L, T fabricated,
    T series CLC coalescers
  • Separator drain traps: models 90-AC, 95-AC,
    230-AC, 350-AC
  • Separator exhaust heads: types 40EHC, 40EHMF

Filter Media

  • Breather filters: water and particulate breathers
  • Filter elements: interpor fleece (VG) glass fiber,
    paper matting (P), stainless steel mesh (G)
  • Filter bags: over 1500 types, including sewn filter bags,
    welded bags, and multi-layered bags
  • Filter cartridges: for membrane, pleated, wrapped
    industrial and specialty filters
  • Bag filter housings: Duoline, Ecoline, Flowline, Maxline, |
    Miniline, Moduline, Polyline, Sideline, Topline
  • Cartridge housings: BECO INTEGRA® Cart KB,
    BECO INTEGRA® Cart K, pressurized air

Filter Aids and Specialty Filtration Products

  • BECOFLOC® - for clarifying beverages
  • BECUGUR® diatomaceous earth -
    improves filtration efficiency for polishing
  • BECOCEL® celluloses fiber material - reinforces filter cakes
  • BECOLITE® perilite - for fining liquids with high opacity
  • Beer stabilization: BECOSOL® 30 fining agent, BECOSORB®
    selectively absorbs proteins
  • Fining (increasing shelf life): gelatine, riddling aid, activation carbon,
    bentonite, silica sol
  • Stabilization: ascorbic/lactic/tartaric acids, potassium sorbate,
    anti-foam agents
  • Biotechnology (for beverage development): bacteria,
    enzymes, nutrients, yeast

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