Collection: Flowserve


Flowserve SIHi creates high quality pumps for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and all other process industries.


Liquid Pumps

  • Chemical process pumps - series: CBS, CBE, CBM, CBT, DBS
  • Industrial standard pumps - designs: bare shaft, compact, inline
  • Heat transfer pumps - used for: hot water, hot oil
  • Side channel pumps - designs: bare shaft, compact, inline
  • High pressure pumps - series: MSL, MSM, MSC, MSH, UEA, TKH
  • Hygienic liquid pumps - series: NHK, SHK
  • Sludge mixers - types: single stage, two-stage

Vacuum Pumps

  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps - designs: compact, bare shaft
  • Liquid ring compressors - types: single stage, multi-stage
  • Dry vacuum pumps - applications: chemical, industrial
  • Gas ejectors - types: single stage, two-stage

Engineered Systems

Tailor made for the process industry - call for more information

  • Vacuum systems
  • Compressor systems
  • Membrane systems
  • Liquid systems

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