Collection: Greenco / Duramaster


Greenco / Duramaster is a leading manufacturer of quality pneumatic linear actuator product lines.


Greenco Rodless Cylinders

  • Cable-Trol® rodless cylinder & cable cylinder lines
  • Trac-TrolL® guided cylinder for linear motion control
  • Powr-Tube® short stroke actuator "inflatable bladder" and long stroke actuators
  • Parts for Cable-Trol® and Trac-Trol® models
  • Automatic tensioners
  • Reed switches
  • Sheave bracket assemblies
  • Cable attachments / assemblies - styles: stud socket, clevis socket, H trolley
  • Trac-Trol® trolley linear bearings
  • Repair kits

Duramaster Rod Cylinders

  • NFPA Cylinders with exclusive Duramount
  • Duramite II
  • Dura-E Multiplier
  • Duramount™ for mounting
  • Parts for NFPA cylinders
  • Rod ends
  • Eyes - eyes, cast iron eye brackets
  • Pins
  • Clevis - cast iron rod
  • Metallic rod scrapers

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