Collection: Inprinta


Inprinta offers filtration solutions for inkjet printers, printheads, and fluid ink for all aspects of digital inkjet printing.


Capsule Filters

Self-contained main system filters designed for the requirements of inkjet printer filtration

  • Microcap™ - connector types: barb, luer, 6mm Jaco®, 1/4 inch Jaco®m, CPC®,
    1/4 inch NPT, 3/8 inch female NPT
  • Microprint™ - connector types: 6mm Jaco®, CPC®
  • Microjet™ - connector types: luer/barb

In-line and Last Chance Filters

Self-contained filter assemblies for inkjet filtration in printer

  • Bullet - thickness: 10µm, 5µm
  • Microdisc™ 3 - connector types: 30mm stainless disc, 33mm disc
  • Microdisc™ 4 - connector types: 44mm disc, 44mm pre-pump disc, 47mm stainless disc
  • Microdisc™ 7 - connector types: 74mm disc
  • Stainless steel in-line - connector types: 2.6mm O/D barb, Jaco® 3mm
  • Last chance - connector types: 2.6mm O/D barb

UV Filters

Main system filters designed specifically for inkjet market, using carbon black barrier to UV light

  • Microcap™ - connector types: Jaco® 6mm and 1/4 inch; CPC®, luer, 3/8 inch female NPT
  • Microprint™ - connector types: Jaco® 6mm, CPC®, luer, 3/8 inch female NPT
  • Microjet™ - connector types: luer/barb

Specialized Filter Products

For applications within the ink system and bulk ink filtration needs

  • Bulk filters: Klearfil™ and Tekfil™
  • S-vent air - thickness: 15mm 0.2µm, 25mm 0.2µm
  • Cylindrical stainless steel - thickness: 10µm, 25µm filter
  • Grid - thickness: 14µm grid with O-ring
  • Pleated unrimmed 9.5mm disc - thickness: 2µm, 5µm, 10µm, 20µm
  • Final ink - 50mm filter
  • In-line stainless steel mesh (PEEK)

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