Kinequip offers both laser scanning and 3D printing services! We will scan items at our facility or on your site.

This technology is easily portable, and is the preferred method by many product developers and engineers for prototyping and reverse engineering.

  • We offer our state-of-the-art laser scanning method to create 3D measurements of objects
  • Our hand-held laser technology is portable, allowing us to scan onsite, quickly, and to achieve accurate, high resolution data of object surfaces

This option for rapid prototyping will allow you to:

  • Create an affordable and accurate prototype
  • Reverse engineer solutions for your existing products
  • Easily document and create design variations
  • This technology is applicable to the fields of: Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Heavy Industries, Medical, Oil and Gas, and Power Generation fields

Kinequip is proud to be an authorized dealer for Creaform, Inc. who offers several accurate 3D optical measurement devices, including: Portable 3D scanners, Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Robot-Mounted Otical CMM Scanners and Optical Coordinate Measuring Systems.

Begin your next design with an accurate 3-dimensional prototype - call Kinequip today!

Laser / 3D Services

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