Solberg SRS-385/376S-800F SRS-Series Liquid Separator 8" Vacuum Filter (intergrated)

SKU#: SRS-385/376S-800F

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Vendor: Solberg

Media Filter Element: Polyester
Connection Inlet/Outlet: 8" Flange
Flow Rate (assembly): 1800
Element Flow Rate: 1800
Dimensions: Dim A (ht): 68.5" | Dim B (ht): 40" | Dim C (w): 30.25" | Dim D: 40" | Dim E ( 8"

Solberg SRS-Series Liquid Separator, Straight-Through Style
- Integrated, Flange Inlet Vacuum Filter
- 3/4"-12" Flange Vacuum Filter
- Minimizes your vacuum package footprint with integrated highly configurable solutions
- Vacuum rating: Gas tight o-ring seal
- 99% liquid removal efficiency
- Durable carbon steel construction with epoxy coating
- Integrated baffle mechanism
- Significant liquid holding capacity
- 1" sight port for visual inspection
- 1" drain port, 1/4" taps on inlet and outlet ports standard on flange units
- Offset connections: lower side inlet, upper side outlet
- Multiple stage filtration: Integrated baffle system, preseparator epoxy coated mesh strainer
- Primary 99% efficient filter element
- No additional knock out pot or separator needed
- Significant liquid and/or slurry holding capacity
- Removable base for easy access cleaning
- Brackets for support legs and nameplate
- Lifting lugs

Options (upon request): Vacuum gauge available - Stainless steel housings available - Float level port and switch

Suggested Applications: Chemical Processing - Pharmaceutical Industry - Vacuum Pumps and Systems - Chip Processing - integrated liquid separator and vacuum filter is primarily used in air process systems where water or solvents need to be separated before the air reaches the air pump.