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Wright Austin Landing

Wright Austin established the industry standard for air / liquid separators for over 100 years. Both cast and fabricated products are available.

Wright Austin Air Liquid Separators

Air Liquid Separators

  • T separators - in styles: T, TS,10-R
  • Horizontal separators - in styles: 31L, 36L, 34L
  • Vertical separators - in styles: 32L, 35L, 37L
  • Coalescer separators - in styles: 31L, 35L, 36L
Wright Austin Gas Liquid Separators

Gas Liquid Separators

DTL gas liquid separators have a conical drain sump

  • T horozontal flow separators
  • 31L compact horizontal separators
  • 33L downflow separators
Wright Austin Exhaust Heads

Exhaust Heads

  • Cast iron - connector types: FNPT, FF ANSI flange
  • Carbon steel - connector types: ANSI flange
  • Fabricated stainless steel - connector types: ANSI flange
Wright Austin Float Drain Heads

Float Drain Traps

  • Types 90-AC, 95-AC - cast iron, stainless steel
  • Types 230-AC - cast iron
  • Type 300 Series-AC - cast iron


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