HiP R Series Reactor O-Ring Closure (one piece cover)

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HiP Pressure Vessel Reactors / R Series / One Piece Cover
Maximum Working PSI Pressure ranges from 10,000 up to 150,000 psi service rating
Connection Location: One Connections (top cover) 1/4" tubing
Connection Type: High Pressure (coned and threaded, female)
Inside/Outside Diameter size range: 3 1/8" up to 12"
Inside Depth sizes available: 6" and 24" length

High Pressure Equipment R Series Reactor O-Ring Closure (one piece cover)

Easy assembly and dis-assembly with minimal torque for complete engagement

Standard Capacity: 77 milliliters to 30 liters

Maximum Working Pressure (PSI) : (150,000/1-piece cover) (100,000/2-piece cover)

Material: 4340 Alloy Steel (tested and properly heat treated for use at elevated pressures)

Option for Stainless Steel is available for construction at reduced pressures.

Reliable combination of O-Ring and a separate metal back-up ring accomplishes sealing.

Minimal initial torque is needed to effect a positive seal.

Backup-up ring is wedge shaped and designed to expand and contract as pressure increase/ decreases.

O-Ring is continuously confined with NO clearance for extrusion.

O-Ring temperature MUST be restricted to maximum due to the Buna-N (nitrite) of 250ºF.


Special Note:

Each vessel is supplied a Tony Bar for removal of the cover nut and eye bolt holes for lifting the body and components.

Vent holes are also provided to prevent pressure build up behind the closure if the seal becomes worn or damaged.

Closures on one piece covers are designed for vessels with a size range up to 2" i.d..

Manufacture Part No.: R1-6-30, R1-6-40, R1-6-60, R1-6-100, R1-6-150, R1-10-30, R1-10-40, R1-10-60, R1-10-100, R1-10-150, R1-12-30, R1-12-40, R1-12-60, R1-12-100, R1-12-150, R1-16-30, R1-16-40, R1-16-60, R1-16-100, R1-16-150, R1.5-6-20, R1.5-6-30, R1.5-6-40, R1.5-6-60, R1.5-6-100, R1.5-6-150, R1.5-10-20, R1.5-10-30, R1.5-10-40, R1.5-10-60, R1.5-10-100, R1.5-10-150, R1.5-12-20, R1.5-12-30, R1.5-12-40, R1.5-12-60, R1.5-12-100, R1.5-12-150, R1.5-16-20, R1.5-16-30, R1.5-16-40, R1.5-16-60, R1.5-16-100, R1.5-16-150, R2-6-20, R2-6-30, R2-6-40, R2-6-60, R2-6-100, R2-10-20, R2-10-30, R2-10-40, R2-10-60, R2-10-100, R2-12-20, R2-12-30, R2-12-40, R2-12-60, R2-12-100, R2-16-20, R2-16-30, R2-16-40, R2-16-60, R2-16-100, R2-20-20, R2-20-30, R2-20-40, R2-20-60, R2-20-100, R2-24-20, R2-24-30, R2-24-40, R2-24-60, R2-24-100

More Information
Availability (ETA) 5-10 Days
Manufacturer HiP
Mfr. Part # HiP-R-1
Product Type High Pressure
Shipping Status (ETA) Delivery Times May Vary
Component Type O-Ring Closure Reactor
Connection Sizes 1/4" H.P. Female
Connection Gender Female
Material Alloy Steel
Connection O.D. x I.D. 1/4"
Pressure Type/Range Low Pressure (0-10,000psi-15,000psi), Medium Pressure, High Pressure, Ultra Pressure, Pressure rated/tested
PSI Pressure Rating Pressure Rated/Tested
Reactors O-Ring Closure
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