HiP Subsea Ball Valves

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HiP Trunion Style 2-Way and 3-Way Ball Valve
PSI pressure ranges of 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi and 20,000 psi
Connection Pressure Type: NPT (pipe) Medium and High Pressures
Connection Sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 9/16" 1/2", 3/4", 1" Tubing and NPT

High Pressure Equipment Subsea Ball Valve

The Subsea valves can sustain extreme pressure and harshest types of environments.

These valves provide safe and reliable operation at very high external pressures.

HiP offers the industries leading effective shut off under increasing temperature and pressure requirements at greater depths.

Featuring Trunion style ball design engineered w/required modifications for ideal performance in critical subsea systems.

Large range of sizes available: .187", .375", .500" Orifices at pressures up to 20,000 psi service rating.

Valve component type configurations: 2-Way, 3-Way 90º Diverter and 3-Way 180º Trunion Ball Valves

Material made with 316 cold-worked Stainless Steel construction, PEEK ball seats (PEEK provides excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and wear/abrasion)

Options: optional O-Rings and wetted materials also available.

Available to NACE MR-01-75


Manufacture Part No. 2-Way Trunion Subsea Ball Valve:

.187" Orifice /.15,000 psi: 15-71NFD-SUB, 15-71NFC-SUB, 15-71NFB-SUB, 15-71NFA-SUB

.187" Orifice / 20,000 psi: 20-71HF9-SUB, 20-71HF6-SUB, 20-71HF4-SUB, 20-71LF9-SUB, 20-71LF6-SUB, 20-71LF4-SUB

.375" Orifice / 15,000 psi: 15-74LF12-SUB, 15-74LF9-SUB, 15-74LF6-SUB, 15-74NFD-SUB, 15-74NFC-SUB, 15-74NFB-SUB

.500" Orifice / 10,000 psi: 10-80NFH-SUB, 10-80NFF-SUB, 10-80LF16-SUB, 10-80LF12-SUB

Manufacture Part No. 3-Way 186º Trunion Subsea Ball Valve:

.187" Orifice /.15,000 psi: 15-72NFC-SUB, 15-72NFB-SUB

.187" Orifice / 20,000 psi: 20-72HF6-SUB, 20-72HF4-SUB, 20-72HF9-SUB, 20-72LF6-SUB, 20-72LF4-SUB

.375" Orifice / 15,000 psi: 15-75LF12-SUB, 15-75LF9-SUB, 15-75LF6-SUB, 15-75NFD-SUB15-75NFC-SUB, 15-75NFB-SUB

.500" Orifice / 10,000 psi: 10-81NFH-SUB, 10-81NFF-SUB, 10-81LF16-SUB, 10-81LF12-SUB 


Manufacture Part No. 3-Way 90º Diverter Trunion Subsea Ball Valve:

.187" Orifice /.15,000 psi: 15-73NFC-SUB, 15-73NFB-SUB

.187" Orifice / 20,000 psi: 20-73HF6-SUB, 20-73HF4-SUB, 20-73LF9-SUB, 20-73LF6-SUB, 20-73LF4-SUB

.375" Orifice / 15,000 psi: 15-76LF12-SUB, 15-76LF9-SUB, 15-76LF6-SUB, 15-76NFD-SUB, 15-76NFC-SUB, 15-76NFB-SUB

.500" Orifice / 10,000 psi: 10-82NFH-SUB, 10-82NFF-SUB, 10-82LF16-SUB, 10-82LF12-SUB

More Information
Availability (ETA) 5-10 Days
Manufacturer HiP
Mfr. Part # BV-SUB
Product Type Valves
Shipping Status (ETA) Delivery Times May Vary
Connection Sizes 1/8" NPT Female
Connection Gender Female
Material 316 Cold Worked Stainless Steel, Peek
Pressure Type/Range Taper Seal 10,000psi-15,000psi, High Pressure
Valves Specialty Valve
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