Kaeser has the right blower for every application. With our rotary blower packages ranging in size from 3 to 250 hp and flows to 5650 cfm, there is a blower suitable for your application.

Rotary Lobe Blowers - OMEGA


  • The Kaeser Omega rotary lobe blowers provide high quality performance and reliability that is expected from the Kaeser brand. Offered in standard and customized packages, each is equipped with v-belt drives, high-powered motors, silencers and inlet filters. Kaeser Start Control and integral frequency drive are incorporated in the integrated blower packages.

  • These blower packages are top of the line and are used for a wide range of applications from soil remediation, pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment and much more. You can expect flows up to 5650 cfm, pressures to 15 psig, or vacuum to 15" Hg. You will appreciate the quality craftsmanship and longevity these Kaeser rotary blowers will provide.

 Omega Blowers  Advanced Industrial Blower Design

  • The Omega industrial blowers come with a sturdy design and provides solid casings, cast bearing supports, and one-piece rotors. Experience silent and smooth operation at all times due to the durable casing and port design construction. Heavy duty construction and piston ring seals ensure an oil-free and airtight fit. The spur-type timing gears and enlarged cylinder roller bearings will offer the longevity you need and expect from a Kaeser industrial blower.

Kaeser Rotary Lobe Packaged Blower Units


  • Complete Blower Packages

    The Com-paK positive displacement (PD) blower package was created to reduce overall installation cost while decreasing unit size.

    With its smart design, placing all maintenance points in the front while all utility connections are accessible from the rear. Easy side-by-side rear installation is made possible due to all cooling air apertures and pipe connections located in the rear of the unit.

    Pulsations and noise are reduced considerably by the fully enclosed design. Arriving ready to install, this unit features an efficient TEFC motor, silencers, and integrated controls.

Kaeser Package Unit Rotary Lobe Bare Blowers


  • Omega Series
    Delivery: up to 5650 cfm / Pressure up to: 15 psig / Vacuum to: 15"Hg
  • Precision machining
    CNC machines grind the rotor profiles and gears acceptance of 1/1000 mm. The limited space between the rotor tips and casing promises top-level volumetric effectiveness and lessens slipping. Ever blower undergoes a rigorous 6-point check:
    • Piston-ring sealing
    • Heavy-duty bearings
    • Precision gears
    • Sealing strips
    • Solid block casing
    • Reliable splash lubrication
Kaeser Integrated Packages Omega Rotary Lobe Blowers


  • You can expect high quality, long-lasting performance, and easily maintained full packaged blowers. Experience the industries best when you try Kaeser's Com-paK blower package set.

  • Sigma Control 2 and Omega Control software are included in the Com-paK BB, CB, DB, EB, and FB packages. The Sigma Control 2 software monitors all onboard sensors and had additional communication properties. Easily enable remote access and connect to control or monitoring systems. Kaeser's Sigma Air Manager (SAM), ModBus, Profibus, Profinet, and Devicenet are the available communication interfaces. The Sigma Control 2 also includes an Ethernet port and built-in Web-server for more extensive communication abilities.

Kaeser Rotary Lobe Large Frame Blowers


  • HB 1300Pi - 2176 to 4493 CFM
  • HB 1600Pi - 2922 to 5258 CFM
  • Pressure up to: 15 psig - Vacuum to: 15" Hg
  • Simple maintenance -Removable panels within the sound enclosures allow entry for all routine maintenance. Easily inspect oil, filters, and V-belt tensioning.
    • Premium efficiency motors
    • Automatic belt tensioning
    • Simple maintenance
    • Effective cooling
    • Cooling air flow



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