Kaeser SFC T Rotary Screw Compressor with Integrated Dryer (SFC 8T-22ST|10-20-hp|125-217psi)

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Premium Efficiency Motor Secotec w/Sigma Frequency Control
Variable Speed/ Belt Drive Compressor
Drive Motor Nominal Power (Hp) Range: 10Hp - 30Hp
Flow Capacity Range 10-141 acfm PSI Pressure Ranges 125-217(psi)
Manufacture No.: SFC 8 T-22S T

Product Features:
Drive Motor Enclosure Type: TEFC (IP 55)
Pressure Ranges (psi): 125 psi / 160 psi / 217 psi
Series SFC T Models No.: SFC T 8T, SFC T 11T, SFC T 15T, SFC T 18S T, SFC T 22S T
Standard Voltage: 460 V / 3 Phase / 60 Hz
Envelope Dimensions Inches: 25"w x 42"d x 43"h up to 32"w x 58"d x 60"h
Sound Pressure Level Range: 68-72 db(A)
Weight Range (lbs.): from 650-1422 lbs

Drive Motor Nominal Power (Hp) by Model No.:
SCF 8 T: 10Hp | SCF 11 T: 15Hp | SFC 15 T: 20Hp | *SFC 18S T: 25Hp | *SFC 22S T: 30Hp

Flow Capacity at PSI Range by Model No.:
SCF 8: at 125 psi: 12-48 acfm | at 160 psi: 13-41 acfm | at 217 psi: 10-30 acfm
SFC 11: at 125 psi: 22-72 acfm | at 160 psi: 22-62 acfm | at 217 psi: 19-48 acfm
SFC 15: at 125 psi: 28-95 acfm | at 160 psi: 29-83 acfm | at 217 psi: 28-68 acfm
SFC 18S: at 125 psi: 33-119 acfm | at 160 psi: 27-105 acfm | at 217 psi: 29-85 acfm
SFC 22S: at 125 psi: 33-141 acfm | at 160 psi: 27-125 acfm | at 217 psi: 29-103 acfm

Communications Module Options for Sigma Control 2 (request quote): SC2 Profibus DP - SC2 Modbus RTU - SC2 Devicenet - SC2 Modbus TCP - SC2 Profinet IO

Standard Add-On Options (request quote): Synthetic Lube Fill - Synthetic Lube Fill, Foodgrade - Annual Maintenance Kits with S460 and/or FG460

Non-Standard Add-On Options (request quote): Heat Recovery System PTG 59ºF to 158ºF external - Heat Recovery System PTG 113ºF to 158ºF external - Machine Mounting Feet - Special Color (RAL)

Matching Product (request quote): KCF Condensate Management Treatment System

* Non-Standard Add-On Options (request quote): Heat Recovery System PTG 59ºF to 158ºF internal - Heat Recovery System PTG 113ºF to 158ºF internal - Machine Mounting Feet - Special Color (RAL)

More Information
Availability (ETA) Delivery Times May Vary
Manufacturer Kaeser
Mfr. Part # SFC 8 T-132S T
Shipping Status (ETA) Please Call for Delivery Time.
Compressors / Pumps Screw
Max Flow Capacity > 10 - 150 cfm
Horsepower (Hp) > 9 Hp
Flow Capacity (cfm) 10 - 141 cfm
Product Type Belt Drive Compressor, Variable Speed Compressor
Pressure (psig) 125 - 217 psi
Series SFC Series
Speed (type) Variable Speed
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