Foster Manufacturing Company makes couplers, fittings, and blow guns for use with compressed air, hydraulics and liquids.
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Foster fittings and clamps group

Couplers and Interchanges | Clamps | Hose and Hose Fittings | Blow Guns and Accessories

Foster swivel fittings 3 way sleeves brass fittings and brass nipples group
Couplers and Interchanges
  • Swivel fittings
  • Non-swivel fittings
  • 360 degree universal swivel
  • Hose splicers
  • Brass splicers
  • Brass fittings
  • Brass nipples
  • 3-way sleeves and wing nuts
  • Industrial interchanges - types: one-way shut-off, two-way shut-off, non-standard, straight-thru, mold / die coolant
Foster beta clamps cusioned clamps and python clamps group
  • Beta clamps - types: standard, heavy, twin, smoothie twin, special metals, rubber inserts, adapters
  • Z-clamp units, Z-struts and Z-strut clamps
  • Cush-A-Clamp®, Cush-A-Therm®, and Cush-A-Strip® cushioned clamps
  • Omega™ series clamps
  • Alph series clamps™
  • Porce-A-Clamp™ series clamps - replaces porcelain and maple clamps
  • SPN, SPW, SPD, HVN, HSN, LVZ, SSN loop clamps
  • Python clamps
Foster hytrel hose fittings group
Hose and Hose FIttings
  • Polyurethane recoil hose
  • Hytrol recoil hose
  • Hytrol recoil hose fittings
  • Hose fittings - types: push on, brass splicers, brass fittings
Foster blowguns and accessories group
Blow Guns and Accessories
  • Handy-Air™ blow guns - operation types: lever, button, pistol grip
  • Handy-Air™ tips - types: rubber, extension, standard safety, safety air screen
  • Handy-Air™ blow gun kits - include nozzles and plugs
  • Pistol type pneumatic grease gun

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