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Mead cylinders valves safety and production products group

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Bimba Mead cylinders group
  • Tie rod - types: small bore, Dyna-Mation DM1 and DM2,
    heavy duty, HD1 large bore
  • Extruded body - types: Dyna-Mation DM2, extruded body
  • Round line - types: Centaur round body cylinders
  • Compact - types: Space Saver® low profile, single-acting air
    clamps, mini-adjustable location
Bimba Mead valves group
  • Air Pilot - types: Isonic® V4, Mead's Isonic® 4/2-position, Nova 4,
    Capsula, Dura-Matic, Light Touch, Micro-Line
  • Manual/Mechanically Operated - types: Nova, Capsula,
    Light Touch, Ergonomic Low Stress, Micro-Line, Easy Glide Ball
    Handle, General Purpose Cam, Foot, Hand & Button
  • Solenoid Operated - types: Isonic® V1, Isonic® V2, Isonic® V4,
    Nova, Capsula, Light Touch,
  • Flow Control - types: Dyla-Trol™, right angle slotted/knob
  • Specialty Application Valves - types: dash/panel mounted,
    binary, general purpose mini solenoid, slide/lockout, air to electric
    switches, pneumatic impulse relay, shuttle, quick exhaust, check
Bimba Mead safety and production products group
Safety and Production Products
  • Anti-Tiedown "Touch" control systems
  • Air Presses - types: single acting, heavy duty welded steel frame,
    cast iron arbor, adjustable column style, heavy multi-stage
  • Air impact hammers
  • Collet fixtures

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