Circle Seal Atkomatic 31430-1438 Solenoid Valve 30400 Series

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Vendor: Atkomatic

Solenoid Valve 30400 Series
Semi-direct Lift / Medium Pressure
Made in the USA


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MODEL NO.: 31430-1438
Circle Seal Solenoid Valve 30400 Series
Semi-direct Lift - Operation up to 1500 psig (104 bar)

Color/Type - Bronze valve material (naval M bronze)
Pressure type: Medium Pressure Valve
Operational PSI rating: 370
Weight: 10 lbs
Type: N.O. (normally open)
Size: 3/4"
Fluid: Air
Gases AC/DC: 1500/1500
Liquids to 40 SUS AC/DC: 1500/1500
Liquids over 40 SUS AC/DC: 1500/1250
Steam AC/DC: 200/200
Volts AC/Hz: 220AC/50HZAC
Volts Amps: 330
Cv Flow Factor: 3.5

Additional Features:
- Heavy duty construction, semi-direct lift action for operation down to zero pressure differential
- Normally open Cv from 2.7 to 21
- Will handle fluids with viscosity up to 150 SUS
- Configurable for a variety of fluid applications and applicable for use with range of fluids including: air, gasses, liquids, hydraulic fluids, steam, cryogenic fluids, and fluids not harmful to bronze
- Class H coils are standard
- Media temperatures from -423° F to +500° F (-253° C to +260° C)
- Removable 316 stainless steel body inserts (stainless steel trim) Body seal materials of PTFE, Viton®, Buna N, or EPR
- Optional seat materials of PTFE, PCTFE, Buna N, Viton®, EPR, or metal (316 stainless steel pilot and/or brass piston seat) based on type & pressure
- Class H coils are standard - Coil housings available in NEMA 1 (standard), NEMA 4 (waterproof), NEMA 7 (explosion-proof for hazardous locations), and combination NEMA 4 & 7
- Full ported valves, valve position indicator option is available, British BSPT ports available
- note: 30400 Series are available in normally open configuration from 1/4 ̋ to 1 1/2 ̋ NPT ports
- Manual opening and throttling devices are available as options (requires aluminum piston on 2² ̋ & 3 ̋)

1} Normally Open Valves are rated for intermittent duty "ONLY" on 30000 series valves adn are "NOT" recommended for cryogenic service above 50psig.
2} Buna-N, Viton* and ERP seats are limited to 500psig (34.5 barg).