Destaco 351-B Pull-Action Latch Clamp

SKU#: 351-B

Vendor: Destaco

Pull-Action Latch Clamp
Maximum Holding Capacity: 375 (lbsf)
Manufacture No.: 351-B

351-B Pull-Action Latch Clamp

•Model No.: 351-B
•Maximum Holding Capacity (N): 1,670
•Maximum Holding Capacity (lbsf): 375
•Drawing Movement (mm): 101.6
•Drawing Movement (in): 4.170
•Hook Adjustable Range (mm): 12.4
•Max Hook Adjustment (in): 0.430
•Ef:Af Exerting Force: Applied Force ((pushing/pulling)): 21:1
•Standard Material: Steel
•Toggle Lock Plus: No
•Base Mounting Style: Narrow Flange
•Drawing Movement (mm): 101.6
•Hook Type: J-Hook
•Replacement Hook Assembly: 351215
•Product Type: Standard
•Weight: 0.28kg (0.62lbs)

Additional Features:

•Our line of pull action latch clamps is excellent for many types of latching operations
•The pull bar is threaded for easy adjustment
•Supplied with threaded J-Hook for easy adjustment
•Patented Thumb Control Lever provides one-handed operation
•Longer hook lengths available