Destaco 650 Straight Line Action Clamp

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Vendor: Destaco

Straight Line Action Clamp
Maximum Holding Capacity 16000 (lbsf)
Manufacture No.: 650


650 Straight Line Action Clamp

For heavy-duty push/pull clamping
Longest stroke for DESTACO straight line action clamps
Locks in both extended and retracted position
Forged steel base and handle
Imperial or Metric Product: Imperial
Maximum Holding Capacity (N): 71,000
Maximum Holding Capacity (lbsf): 16,000
Plunger Travel (mm): 76.2
Plunger Travel (in): 3.000
Plunger Height (mm): 57.2
Plunger Height (in): 2.250
Base Mounting Style: Flange
Plunger: Round
Spindle (Recommended): 250203
Spindle Included?: No
Product Type: Standard
EDP No.: 56500
Weight: 2.58kg [5.69lb]