Elmo Rietschle KTA 80/1(37) 1022233700 Dry Rotary Vane Pressure-Vacuum Print Pump

SKU#: 1022233700

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Vendor: Elmo Rietschle

Dry Running / Pressure-Vacuum Print Pump (less motor)
with U.S. (NEMA) Motor
Manufacture No.: 1022233700

Features and Benefits:
• Produce simultaneous pressure of +0.6 bar and vacuum of -0.6 bar.
• Designed for continuous operation, ease of maintenance, long vane life, maximum efficiency and low noise level.
• Standard equipment includes pressure and vacuum regulator valves, 5 micron paper cartridge inlet and exhaust filters, blast air aftercooler, flange mounted motor, lifting hooks, and BSP-NPT adapters.

Special Notice:
• Pumps without Motor: Customer must already own a U.S. C-Face motor of the same horsepower and frame size as listed below. 
• Pumps with Motor: Unless otherwise requested, we will supply a 230/460 voltage motor. Contact sales team for additional requirements. 
• Exhaust Vents: The following pumps are stocked with a single, forward facing exhaust vent as opposed to dual cooling exhaust vents.