Elmo Rietschle VGD 10 1024090130 Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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Vendor: Elmo Rietschle

Oil Lubricated / Vacuum Pump (with motor)
Manufacture No.: 1024090130

Features and Benefits:
• The Heavy duty oil lubricated vacuum pump designed for continuous operation
• All Models include special alloy vanes
• VGD Model pumps have plastic resin vanes
• Non-return valve, exhaust oil separator(s) with replaceable elements
• Easy access for exhaust filter element replacement, initial fill of oil

Note: Pumps must operate (F) Fine vacuum (27 - 29.83"Hg) / (C) Course vacuum (15- 29.63"Hg) range for continuous duty, operation outside the range must be limited to protect pump.