Elmo Rietschle VSI-100 1026620400 Twister Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

SKU#: 1026620400

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Vendor: Elmo Rietschle

Dry Running / Contact Free / Vacuum Pump (less motor)
Manufacture No.: 1026620400

Feature and Benefits:
• Dry contact free compression
• Oil free discharge air
• Superior suction at 1 to 100 mbar
• High water vapor compatibility
• Shorter evacuation times
• No parts to wear out
• No lubricant in the suction chamber
• Water cooled: low heat generation in the production area
• Connection to existing water circuits is possible
• Final vacuum < 0.1 mbar (absolute)
• Variable speed drive option (frequency converter)
• Maintenance is limited to changing the oil (1.8 liter) in the gear and bearings