Gast 16AM-FCC-1 Lubricated Air Motor

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Vendor: Gast

16AM Series / Lubricated Air Motor
Compact, Portable, Reversible
Manufacture No.: 16AM-FCC-1


Gast 16AM-FCC-1 Air and Gear Motor
Vanes: 6 Vanes, Counter Clockwise Rotation
Mount: Foot Mounting
Maximum Pressure: 100 PSI
Maximum Speed: 2,000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 372 lb/in (43 Nm)
Maximum Speed 2000 rpm
Torque at Maximum Speed: 290 lb/in (34 Nm)
Speed at Maximum Torque: 300 rpm
Output Power: 9 hp (7.1 kW)
Maximum Air Consumption: 275 cfm (475 m3/h)

Uses repair kit K212: Vanes, gaskets, bearings, o-rings, shaft seal