Gast 7LDE-10-M853 Air Compressor

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Piston Air Compressor

Gast 7LDE-10-M853 Piston Air Compressor

Max Flow (50 Hz) 10.2 cfm (17.3 m3/h)
Max Flow (60 Hz) 10.2 cfm (17.3 m3/h)
Max Pressure 50 psi (3.5 bar)
Max Vacuum NA (NA)
Power Rating 2 hp (1.1 - 1.5 kW)
Max Speed: 1725 rpm
Thermal Protection: NO
Operating Voltage: 200-230/460
Duty Cycle: 100
Warranty: 1 Year

Uses Repair Kit K303

Compact, rugged, and durable design the 7H piston features oil-less operation, piston ring design that provides consistent flows throughout the service life of the unit, and high torque motors. Built to last, the 7H also features corrosion resistant internal components, easily replaceable wear items and proprietary Teflon filled piston rings, help to maximize uptime and minimize downtime.