Gast 86R130-101-N270X Rocking Piston Single Oil-less Pump

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Gast 86R Rocking Piston Single Oil-less Pump
Max Flow (50 Hz): 1.1 cfm
Max Flow (60 Hz): 1.4 cfm
Max Vacuum: 26 in-Hg
Max Pressure (50Hz and 60Hz): 125 psi
Power Rating: 1/4 hp (0.19 kW)
RPM: 50Hz=1425 and 60Hz=1725
Sound Level: less than 65 db(A)
Voltage/AMP 50Hz: 100-120v at 3.1amp and 200-240v at 1.5amp
Voltage/AMP 60Hz: 100-120v at 1.8amp and 200-240v at 1.0amp

Repair Kit Part #: K961

  • Repair Kits contain: Cups, Cylinders, Head O-rings, Cylinder O-rings, Leaf valves, Cup Retainer screws, Retainer Valves as needed per product.

See Attached Documentation:

  • Product Specification Sheet
  • Product Detail Brochure
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual w/Warranty Policy