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HandyPROBE CCM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

  • Vibrations, part displacement, set-up or CMM-instability have no impact
  • Highly efficient for measuring parts that can't be moved
  • Ideal for geometric and surface quality control
  • Offers scanning capabilities when paired with a MetraSCAN 3D scanner
  • Part size range : 1-3 meters, any type of materials
  • Extendable measurement range up to 10 m
  • Truly portable and wireless

Accessories Included:

  • HandyPROBE probing stylus
  • C-Track dual-camera sensor (model chosen by the client)
  • 45° shaft (Ì÷8mm - Height 12mm 06 metal reflectors (4)
  • Magnetic Supports for reflectorØ 6 mm (4)
  • L20 sphere 3 ruby stylus M4 (1)
  • M4 stylus tool (to install the stylus onto adapter)
  • Controller
  • Probe adapter, fixed and mobile part (1)
  • Calibration bar, calibration cone, carrying case, tripod and universal power supply
  • 250 reflective adhesive targets
  • One-year warranty on parts and labor

Optional Accessories:

  • HandyPROBE adhesive black contour targets
  • Hold-down horizontal clamps with D6 reflector holder
  • Metal reflectors (various angles diameters and heights)
  • Renishaw styli and accessories (various types and dimensions)