Harting 09300245405 Han 24B Cover Plastic

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Vendor: Harting

Standard Hoods/Housings / DL/HBM, HSM, HCC
Housing cover with double locking lever
Manufacture No.: 09 30 024 5405


Han 24B cover plastic/DL/HBM, HSM, HCC

• Category: Hoods/Housings
Series of hoods/housings: Han® B
Type of hood/housing: Protection cover for bulkhead and surface mounted housings
Description of hood/housing: Thermoplastic
Type: High construction / Low construction
Locking type: Double locking lever
Size: 24 B
Field of application: Standard hoods/housings for industrial connectors
Limiting temperature: -40 ... +125 °C
Degree of protection acc. to IEC 60529: IP65
Degree of protection acc. to UL 50: 12 / 4 / 4X
Net weight: 32.53 g
RoHS: compliant
Approvals: DNV GL