HiP TOC Series Tubular Reactor


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Vendor: HiP

HiP Pressure Vessel Reactors / T Series (tubular)
Maximum Working PSI Pressure ranges from 10,000 up to 100,000 psi service rating
Connection Location: One Connections (double enaded pressure vessel) 1/4" o.d. tubing
Connection Type: High Pressure (coned and threaded)
Inside/Outside Diameter size range: 1 1/2" up to 5" o.d. and 3/4" up to 4" i.d.
Inside Depth sizes available: lengths and modification are supplied on request

High Pressure Equipment T Series Tubular Reactor

Economical versatile reactors, moderate pressure application.

Custom accumulator options can be ordered on request (ex; piston separators, gasket closures)

Standard Capacity: 50 milliliters to 15 liters

Maximum Working Pressure (PSI) : 10,000 psi service

Material bodies: 304 Stainless Steel seamless tubing

Material caps, outside (non-wetted): Alloy Steel

Materials are commercial quality cold drawn finishes with honed internal finishes.

Reliable combination of O-Ring and a separate metal back-up ring accomplishes sealing.

Buna-N O-Ring limits maximum working temperatures to 250°F.

Recommend ordering Gasket Closure for higher temperatures (800°F).

Notes and Options: (consult sales support specialist)
- Additional end connections can be ordered upon request for larger model sizes.
- Side connections and end cover thermowells can be furnished when required.
- Custom accumulator options can be ordered on request (ex; piston separators, gasket closures)
- When you order your Tubular Series Reactors specify w/O-Ring Closure, w/Piston Separators or w/Gasket Closure.

O-Ring Closure Notes:
- Use is for standard temperature that do not exceed 250°F
- Easy Assembly closure that requires minimal torque to achieve positive sealing.
- O-Ring material is Buna-N (nitrile) w/additional options available on request.
Piston Separator Notes:
- Furnished with O-Ring closure vessels
- Used as compression cylinders, separates liquid from a gas.
- The tubing body is supplied w/honed inside diameter surface, accommodating the piston.
Confined Gasket Closures Notes:
- Available for temperature up to 800°F and a 15% reduction for listed working pressures is "required" at these elevated temperature levels.
- Torque requirements on thrust bolts range: 60 to 110 foot pound (depends; size, psi, temperature & media being pressurized). Available for all T Series models excluding TOC1 and TOSC3 series.
-Gasket Closures are not available on a 1 1/2"o.d. tubing size pressure vessel reactor (T Series)

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