Kaeser 21P Rotary Lobe Bare Blower Block Omega Series


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Vendor: Kaeser

Omega 21P | 176cfm
Rotary Lobe Blower Block Units
Pressures up to 15 psig / Vacuum down to 15"Hg
Manufacture No.: 21P

Easily install Omega blowers vertically or horizontally to fit your specific application and machine design!

Bare Blowers 21P Omega / Positive Displacement Blower Systems

Model No.: 21P
• Maximum Delivery: 176cfm
• Maximum Speed: 6200rpm
• Maximum Pressure (psig): 15psig
• Maximum Vacuum ("Hg) (vac): 15"
• Maximum Drive Power: 13hp
• Dimensions: 12 3/4”(l)x 8 8/18"(w) x 6 11/16"(h) (length is without drive shaft)
• Connection Flange (DN PN 6): 50mm
• Adapter Connection (optional): 2NPT
• Weight: 71 lbs

Omega Series Features and Options:
• one-piece rotors and sealing strips
• heavy duty bearings
• straight-cut gears
• piston-ring sealing
• reliable splash lubrication
• versatile and easy installation

Notice: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact a Kinequip Kaeser specialist (New York State)