Kaeser HB 1600Pi Large Frame Blower Packaged Unit (HB Series 250hp)

SKU#: HB-1600Pi

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Vendor: Kaeser

HB 1600Pi |2922-5258cfm

  • Large Frame Blower Packaged Units 
  • Pressures up to 15 psig / Vacuum to 15" Hg

Kaeser HB-1600Pi offers exceptional energy efficiency that guarantees optimal return on your investment. You can also easily configure your speeds and schedule maintenance for superior performance.


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HB Series: HB 1600Pi

Features and Options: automatic belt tensioning, V-belt guard, removable panels for easy access maintenance, superior sound proofing for minimal sound transfer.

Model No.: HB 1600Pi

  • Maximum delivery: 2922-5258cfm
  • Maximum vacuum ("Hg) (vac): 15"Hg
  • Maximum Pressure (Gauge Pressure): 800mbar
  • Maximum Pressure (Underpressure): 450mbar
  • Maximum Rated Motor Power: 250hp
  • Pipe Connection: 300DN
  • Dimensions (without sound enclosure) (mm): 2710”(l)x 1600"(w) x 2350"(h)
  • Dimensions (with sound enclosure) (mm): 3205”(l)x 2150"(w) x 2610"(h)
  • Weight (without sound enclosure): 3625lbs
  • Weight (with sound enclosure): 4445lbs

Notice: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact a Kinequip Kaeser specialist (New York State) request a quote.