E-T-A 1620-3-15A 15 AMP Mini Thermal Automotive Circuit Breaker

SKU#: 1620-3-15A

Vendor: ETA

Mini-CBE Thermal Manual Resettable Breaker / Press to Reset
Circuit Protection Device / Overcurrent
Manufacture No.: E-T-A: 1620-3-15A


Product Specifications:
1620 Series miniature automotive circuit breakers w/standard characteristic curve
Voltage rating: DC 24 V
Current ratings: 5A to 25A
Number of poles: single pole
Mounting method: socket
Terminal design: blade terminals
Actuation: manual release, press-to-reset
Meets the requirements of SAE J553

Applications: Protection of electrical systems of passenger cars, trucks, buses, watercraft, extra low voltage wiring systems. Watercraft - Automobiles - Commercial Vehicles