Kinequip 30103 ATM Mini-Fuse Tapa Circuit Dual Fuse Holder

SKU#: 30103

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Vendor: Kinequip Inc.


Features and Design:
- 10 amp rating at 12 volts.
- 16-gauge red wire lead for new circuit is 5 inches long
- SAE J2077-ATO/ATC Fuses
- UL 275A Standard ATO-ATC Fuses
- Turns one fuse slot into two!
- Plugs into occupied or vacant energized fuse block slot.
- Provides one fuse holder to protect existing circuit, and a second fuse holder to protect new circuit.
- Includes insulated crimp-type coupler.
- Fuse not included

Wire and power your auto accessories: (for ATM Mini Fuse Blocks)
Car alarms - Remote starters - Car locators (theft recovery systems) - DVD players - Satellite radio - GPS - Cell phones