Kinequip 31-PC2150 Extreme Battery

SKU#: 31-PC2150

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Vendor: Kinequip Inc.


Product Features & Specifications:

  • Mounting flexibility
  • Superior vibration resistance
  • Ready out of the box
  • Longer service life and storage life

Voltage: 12V
Pulse Hot Cranking Amps: 2150
Cold Cranking Amps: 1150, 20HR
Nominal Capacity (20 Hr Rate - Ah): 100
Nominal Capacity (10 Hr Rate - Ah): 92
Reserve Capacity Minutes: 205 minutes
Provides a longer service lfe
Terminal: 3/8" Stud or SAE†
Torque Specs in-lbs (Nm-max): 150-220 (16.9-22.6)
Internal Resistance (mΩ): 2.2
Short Circuit Current: 5000A
Size: 13" length x 6.80"width x 9.41" height

Maintenance Notes: Fully Charge before storage

(Deep Discharge Recovery) To fully charge a 31-PC2150 battery that is routinely discharged deeply, a minimum of 40 amps are required with charger voltage within the range of 14.1V to 14.7V. It is imperative not to exceed 15.0V as this will cause the pressure valves to open and out-gas hydrogen, oxygen and water from inside the battery. This will shorten the life of the battery and cause premature failure.