Antaira MSC-108B 8-Port RS-422 / 485 Universal PCI Card

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Antaira MSC-108B 8-Port RS-422 / 485 Universal PCI Card

Antaira Technologies MSC-108B is a PCI-based serial expansion card. Providing parallel expansion by adding additional serial RS-422/485 ports to a network computer. This multiport serial card uses ultra-high performance 16C950 UARTS over the PCI slot.The 16C950 UART within the MSC-108A serial card is the fastest available, PC-compatible chip set on the market. Transfer data rates of up to 15Mbps and 128-byte deep transmitter and receiver FIFOs. Deep FIFOs reduce the multi port serial cards CPU overhead, allowing high data rates. Each UART channel is software compatible with the widely used UART 16C550 that is present in most serial cardsThe MSC-108B is the perfect PCI serial card upgrade to support all UART-compatible devices on a changing desktop computer that requires RS232 communication. The MSC-108B multi port serial card will have a octopus cable with eight individual serial db9 connectors. MSC-108B will have eight DB9 male connectors that are suitable for both 4-wire RS-422/485 and 2-wire RS-485 applications.

  • PCI 32-bit, PIO Mode with 133MB/S Bandwidth
  • 4-wire RS-422 and 2-wire RS-485 applications
  • Supports Baud Rate up to 921.6Kpbs
PCI Compliant
Serial Card
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