Robohand Flow Control, Elbow, M5, 6mm OD Tube

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M5 to 6mm OD Tube Flow Controls

Accessory Type Adjustable Flow Control
Product Type Adjustable Flow Control
Brand Robohand
Distributor Group Robohand Gripping Solutions
Gripper Models Used with DCT-12M, DCT-12M RE, DCT-16M, DCT-16M-RE, DCT-20M, DCT-20M-RE, DCT-25M, DCT-25M-RE, CT-32M, CT-32M -RE, RTH-1M, RTH-2M, RTH-3M, RDH-1M, RDH-2M, RDH-3M, RDH-1M-L, RDH-2M-L, RDH-3M-L, DPW-250M-1, DPW-250M-2, DPW-375M-1, DPW-375M-2, DPW-500M-1, DPW-500M-2, DPP-10M-06, DPP-10M-12, DPP-14M-15, DPP-14M-25, DPP-20M-25, DPP-20M-38, DPP-28M-31, DPP-28M-50, DPG-10M-1, DPG-10M-2, DPG-10M-3, DPG-10M-4, DPDS-088M, DPDL-088M, DPDL-125M
Slide Models Used with T110-06M, T110-08M, T110-12M, T110-16M, DLB-06M-B, DLB-06M-L, DLB-08M-B, DLB-08M-L, DLB-10M-B, DLB-10M-L, DLB-12M-B, DLB-12M-L, DLB-16M-B, DLB-16M-L, DLB-06M-T, DLB-06M-U, DLB-08M-T, DLB-08M-UDLM-07, DLM-09, DLT-06M-B, DLT-06M-E, DLT-06M-L, DLT-08M-B, DLT-08M-E, DLT-08M-L, DLT-10M-B, DLT-10M-E, DLT-10M-L, DLT-12M-B, DLT-12M-E, DLT-12M-L, DLT-16M-B, DLT-16M-E, DLT-16M-L, DLT-06M-T, DLT-06M-U, DLT-08M-T, DLT-08M-U, MPS-1M, MPS-2M
Rotate Models Used with DRF-75M, DRF-94M, DRF-106M, DRG-75M, DRG-94M, DRG-106M, RR-18, RR-28
Gripper Series Used On DCT, CT, RTH, RDH, DPW, DPP, DPG, DPDS, DPDL
Slide Series Used On T110
Rotate Series Used On DRF, DRG, RR