Series 913 Water reels (open) PVC hose

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  • Ready to use set - with connection hose
  • Durable design
  • Easy to clean

CEJN`s Washdown reels in stainless steel are ideal for increasing safety and efficiency in corrosive or harsh environments such as near saltwater or in applications that require a high level of hygiene. A spring return mechanism to keep the hose off the floor prevents tripping hazards and makes the storage easier and faster after use in all types of washdown operations. CEJN´s Washdown reels feature a “food-friendly” PVC hose, a high-quality spring, 4-rollers hose guide and a swivel that is placed outside the shaft for easy installation and maintenance. The hose is suitable for use with hot water and applications where food safety is required. Very flexible, easy to clean and can withstand detergents and chemical products. To simplify for the customer comes CEJN`s Washdown reels in AISI 304 with a main and connection hose, just add a spray gun and you have a complete set perfectly suited for your washdown application needs.

Category Midi Reel 17.5" - PVC
Length (m) 20 m
Weight 25 kg


Feeder hose length 1 m (3.3 ft)
Hose material PVC
Connections Male
Temperature range 5°C — +70°C (41°F — +158°F)


*Other connections and sealing material on request. Some part numbers may be subject to minimum order quantities. CEJN reserves the right to make changes without further notification. Thread connections are listed according to ISO Standards.