SMC KQ2L11-00 One-Touch Fitting Union Elbow 3/8 Universal Male

SKU#: KQ2L11-00

Vendor: SMC

One-touch Fitting Union Elbow
Pneumatics Fitting KQ2 Series
Manufacture No.: KQ2L11-00

KQ2L11-00 One-Touch Fitting Union Elbow

KQ2 Series:
• Release Collar: allows easy removal of tubing without damaging the tube
• Tubing: Accepts nylon and urethane
• Applicable: for both vacuum and positive pressure applications
• Maximum vacuum pressure: 1.0MPa
• Part: Fitting, Union Elbow *LQA
• Products Line: connectorsCONNECTORS
• Family: KQ2 Fitting
• Family Code: KJ
• Class Description: KQ2 3/8
• Weight: .03254 lb

SMC Product Change: this part number is being discontinued and replaced with KQ2L11-00A

Notifications - this product can also be used as a direct replacement for:
Alkon part number AQ65-P-6, Camozzi part number 6550 06-00, Festo part number QSL-3/8T-U, Imperial part number 265-OF-06, Legris part number 3102 60 00, Mazzer part number 504-6, Norgren part number 120400600, Numatics part number IN106-308-000, NYCOIL part number 56566, Parker part number 165PL-6, PISCO part number PV3/8, SPC part number PUL 3/8, STC part number EU3/8