Tesa 64663-09005-00

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Tesa 64663 is a duct tape with an aggressive adhesive for demanding industrial applications such as heavy-duty draping and securing.
64663 features a high-grade cloth backing that offers excellent tensile properties while retaining its tearability for easy application. Its high coding weight makes it the ideal candidate for applications on very rough surfaces.
64663 offers the perfect tape for professional use in highly demanding industrial, commercial, utility and automotive applications including draping, securing, packaging, bundling, holding, seaming, sealing, protecting, wrapping and repairing.

Main Applications

Sealing of pipes and ducts
Fastening of construction and protection films
Application on brickwork and timber
Sealing of barrels and buckets
Fixing, closing, packaging, and a lot more!

Type of Adhesive: Natural Rubber
Backing Material: PE laminated cloth
Length (Yards): 60
Width (Inches): 2