Wago 221-Assorted Compact Splicing Connectors with Mounting Carrier

SKU#: 60298746

Vendor: Wago

Never tried the new WAGO 221 Compact Splicing Connectors w/Cage Clamp Technology? This variety pack is a great option to test them out. 


WAGO 221 variety pack- for distribution cabinet applications

Sample Package Includes the following:

WAGO 221 Conquers Distribution Cabinets

  • New Mounting Carriers for DIN-Rails
  • Provide a secure fit for splicing connectors on DIN-rail or flat panel
  • Can be mounted in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Simplify access to and assignment of connected conductors
  • Offers an additional marking and strain relief option
  • Tool-free insertion and removal of connectors
  • Suitable for all 221 Series Splicing Connectors

Simple Handling

  • Opened very easily and quickly with minimal operating force.
  • Fast connection of wires, even without the tools
  • Slip resistant recessed grips on the side secure grip on connector while inserting the wire.

Two test slots

  • Ability to test from two different sides with the new 221 connectors even when it is installed.
  • Slots directions: One in the direction of wire insertion and one on the opposite side.
  • Testing slots allow convenient testing in a variety of installation environments.
  • Provide good contact for all standard test probes.

Wide range of applications in an every growing industry

  • Wago 221 Series makes every millimeter count in electrical installations. The new connectors offer more functions integrated into smaller and smaller spaces.
  • The 221 Series connectors make connection of all wire types directly into the device junction boxes easy and fast.
  • Applications include; electric blinds, door and gate controls and lighting systems.

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