Wika 32060D208G2 3" TI.32 Bimetal Mechanical Thermometer Stainless Steel

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Product Design Features:
Case: 304 Stainless Steel
External Reset: Slotted hex adjustment (on back of case)
Window: Fully gasketed glass (optional: Lexan, Acrylic, Shatterproof)
Hermetic Seal: Per ASME B40.3, IP65, NEMA4X
Stem: 1/4" diameter; 304 SS, 4 TIG welded at tip and case connection (3/8" diameter available)
Dampening: Inert let to minimize pointer oscillation
Over Range: 50% of scale up to 500°F (260°) - Temporary over or under range tolerance
Dial: Anti-parallax, Heavy Gauge Aluminum with White Matte Finish
Window Gasket: Neoprene / Silicone for ranges -100 oF (-70 °C) and ranges> +550 °F (+260°C)
Window: Flat Instrument Glass
Pointer: Black Aluminum
Dial: White Aluminum, dished
Accuracy: + 1% of full scale of ASME B40.3
Steady working range: full scale value
Short time working range: 110% of full scale value
Measuring Element: Bi-metal Helix

Applications: General process instrumentation in the chemical, petro chemical, oil and gas, energy and water/waste-water industries - Temperature measurement in harsh and aggressive environments - With liquid dampening suitable for applications with high vibrations