Wika 9799325 910.11 -10000 PSI Hard Seat 90å¼ Needle Valve Accessory

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Product Design Features:
Pressure Rating: Hard seat -10,000 psi at 200°F maximum
Valve Body Material: 12L14 carbon steel
Bonnet: 12L14 carbon steel
Valve Stem: 316 Stainless Steel
Handle: 12L14 carbon steel
Handle Bolt: Carbon Steel
Bonnet Lock: Carbon steel
Stem Seals: Viton O-ring, Teflon back-up ring
Nickel-plated finish
Orifice Size: 0.187" (4.75mm)
Media Operating Temperature: max. 200°F (+93°C) min. 0°F (-18°C)
Flow Rate Soft seat: Maximum CV .83

Applications: Intended to isolate the pressure gauge from the measured fluid or to provide a means of throttling or dampening pressure pulsation.