Collection: ETA

E-T-A (Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH) designs custom solutions for specific applications, including electrical protection and control requirements.
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ETA thermal circuit breakers and solid state relays group
ETA miniaturized thermal circuit breakers group
Automotive Thermal Circuit Breakers
  • Manual release
  • Automatic reset
  • Single pole miniaturized
  • Single pole reset
  • Rocker actuation, single and double pole
  • Push button
  • Plug-in type, manual release
  • Threadneck panel mounting
ETA micro and standard solid state relays group
Solid State Relays
  • Electronic timer
  • Electronic special / eXtra
  • Electronic standard
  • Double pole
  • Remote power controller
  • Smart power
  • Space-saving with integral overload protection

Please contact us for sales and support (800) 982-8894 or click here to request a quote.