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Yates is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.
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NFPA Tie-Rod Cylinders | Welded Cylinders | Mill Duty Cylinders | Accessories

NFPA Tie-Rod Cylinders
  • H6 heavy duty hydraulic
  • A4 heavy duty pneumatic
  • H4 medium duty hydraulic
  • L4 permanently lubricated pneumatic
  • A2 light duty pneumatic
  • H2 light duty hydraulic
Welded Cylinders
  • Hydraulic severe duty - series WS
  • Hydraulic heavy duty - series WH
  • Hydraulic medium duty - series WM
  • Hydraulic medium duty - series WP
Mill Duty Cylinders
  • Heavy duty hydraulic mill - series MH
  • Pneumatic mill duty - series MP
  • Bracket types: clevis, eye, swivel eye, spherical clevis
  • Female clevis
  • Female eye
  • Male spherical rod eye
  • Optional rod end styles
  • Coupler types: rod, rod end coupler and weld plate
  • Pins: pivot and spherical
  • Standard rod end styles

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