J-Air is an original equipment manufacturer and produces the most popular portable compressors on the market.

Hand Carry Compressors

  • Hand-carry compressors - types: J390-HC4V, J780-HC4V, J390-HC2

Wheeled Portable Compressors

  • Portable gas single wheel compressors - types: J103R4-9P, J103H5-9P, 
    J113H5-9P, J113R6-9P, J113H6-9P, J114R9-9P, J114H8-9P, J119H9-9P
  • Portable gas double wheel compressors - types: J114H8-9P2, J114R9-9P2,
    J119H9-9P2, J103R4-16P, J103H5-16P, J113H5-16P, J113R6-16P, J113H6-16P, 
    J114R9-16P, J114H8-16P, J119R9-16P, J119H9-16P, J119H11-16P
  • Portable electric single wheel compressors - types: J103E15-9P, 
    J113E2-9P, J113E3-9P
  • Portable electric double wheel compressors - types: J103E15-16P, 
    J113E2-16P, J113E3-16P
  • Portable high pressure compressors - types: single wheel HP113H6-9P

Stationary Compressors

  • Stationary Compressors - custom-built to client specifications; 
    for more information, please call (800) 982-8894

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