Coilhose Pneumatics has been manufacturing high quality pneumatic accessories since 1969.
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Coilhose Pneumatics Air Chucks Blow Guns Clamps Couplers Elbows and Hoses Group

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Coilhose Pneumatics Flexflow Blowguns and Air Chucks Group
Air Products
  • Flexflow air blowoff
  • Blowguns - series: Typhoon high flow, Red-Burst pocket, Cannon, CEG, Inline, Button, Air Bullet
  • Blowguns parts and accessories
  • Air chucks - types: ball end, dual foot, Lock-On, straight
Coilhose Pneumatics Flexeel Yellow Belly and Flexcoil hose group
Hose and Hose Products
  • Flexeel reinforced polyurethane coil and straight hose
  • Flexcoil polyurethane hose coil
  • Nylon hose coil / fittings
  • Stowaway coil
  • Twin bond nylon coils
  • Flexeel / Flexcoil fittings
  • Yellow Belly straight hose
  • Heavy duty neoprene straight hose
  • General purpose rubber straight hose
  • Water straight hose
  • Gilaflex straight hose
  • Thermoplastic straight hose
  • Lock-On series straight hose
  • Flexflow straight hose
  • Tool and hose balancers
Coilhose Pneumatics Connectors and Couplers group
Connectors and Couplers
  • 5-in-1 couplers
  • Industrial interchange
  • Automotive interchange
  • ARO interchange
  • Acme interchange
  • Euro/Megaflow interchange
  • Ball swivel connectors
  • Filter connectors
  • Lincoln interchange
  • Coilflow automatic universal couplers (U series)
  • Micro type 20 series
  • Moldflow series
  • Straight Through series
  • Coupler repair kits
Coilhose Pneumatics Fittings Elbows Nipples Adapters and Plugs group
  • Nipples - close, long
  • Coillock push to connect
  • Cross Fittings
  • Elbows / elbow swivel fittings / street elbows
  • Hex headcaps, plugs, adapters, couplings, nipples, reducer bushings
  • Hose splicer / barb fittings / swivel fittings
  • Internal seat drain cock
  • Tee fittings - branch, fun
  • Mufflers
  • Orbital swivel fittings
  • Poly Tube compression fittings
  • Speed controls
  • Valves - types: ball, swivel conversion, filler, needle, compressor drain, flow check, safety, slide
Coilhose Pneumatics Clamps and Pinchers Group
Clamps / Crimps / Ferrules
  • Ear clamp pincher
  • Ear clamps
  • Stainless ear clamps
  • Stainless worm drive clamps
  • Worm drive clamps
  • Hose crimpers
  • Crimper dies
  • Hose ferrules

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