Zander is a worldwide leader in creating high quality preparation components of compressed air and technical gases.
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Parker Zander air and filtration group

Breathing Air and Compressed Air Systems | Condensate Management | Filtration | Industrial Water Chillers

Parker Zander industrial breathing air system and high pressure compressed air dryer
Breathing Air and Compressed Air Systems
  • BA-ZME series breathing air purifiers (up to 176 scfm)
  • Zander ZAM series breathing air purifiers (240 - 800 scfm)
  • Modular desiccant air dryers
  • Twin tower desiccant air dryers
Parker Zander oil water separator and maintenance kit
Condensate Management
  • Alternative oil water separator maintenance kits - for:
    Beko, Hankison, Motivair, Ultrafilter, Quincy, ASP, Wortman
  • Ecodrain electronic zero air loss condensate drains
  • Ecosep oil water separators
  • HDF series mechanical float drains
  • TSD series timed solenoid drain valve
Parker Zander GL, GL Plus, and LV air filters and filter elements
  • D series industrial and culinary steam filter elements
  • Ecomist mist eliminators
  • Fine filter silencers
  • GL series high efficiency compressed air filters
  • HB series validated sterile air/gas filter cartridges
  • HS and dpl high capacity industrial and culinary steam filter elements
  • LV series silicone-free filters
  • Microfilter high pressure compressed air and gas filters (362 - 6090 psi g)
  • ST-R series air/gas filter cartridges
  • WS series water separators
Parker hyperchill process water chiller
Industrial Water Chillers
  • Beverage and food - process water chillers
  • Bioenergy - process water chillers
  • Laser cutting - laser chillers
  • Material processing
  • Medical - medical chillers
  • Ozone
  • Plastics
  • Printing and graphics
  • Thermal spray

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