About Sprague

Sprague air driven liquid pumps, gas boosters and power units have been providing high pressure solutions to the oil and gas, process chemical, utility, aviation and industrial markets for more than 60 years. Sprague Products was founded in 1946 by Bob Sprague to serve the aerospace industry with ground support equipment used for hydrostatic testing. The first air-operated pump was developed in 1947 and, other than minor modifications, is the same classic design today.

Sprague Products are used in a broad array of industrial markets. We provide design expertise, specialized manufacturing and quality standards to meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer base for a variety of applications.

High Pressure Equipment Company has been singularly focused on providing quality components and systems for elevated pressure applications. Since its founding in 1954, HiP has shipped over four million high pressure valves and fittings to its loyal customers. Today, we manufacture a complete line of valves, fittings and accessories designed to provide leak-free operation at pressures ranging from 10,000 psi to 150,000 psi. In addition, we offer a family of reactors and pressure vessels, as well as pumping systems and pressure boosters.





Air-Driven Hydraulic Pumps

The Sprague positive-displacement pump converts air-drive pressure into hydraulic discharge pressure. The pump uses low pressure air or gas to drive a large area piston which then drives a small area liquid piston that produces high hydraulic pressure. As the ratio between the air drive piston and the liquid piston increases, higher pressures can be achieved.

 Air-Driven Gas Boosters

Sprague’s air-driven gas boosters use the same principles of operation as our hydraulic pumps. The boosters employ a large area air piston, driven with low pressure compressed air or gas, that is mechanically coupled to a small area compression piston. The compression piston converts precharge gas to higher pressure, lower volume discharge gas. The discharge gas pressure developed by the compression piston is determined by the piston ratios, the regulated air-drive pressure and the available pre-charge pressure.


 Air-Driven Power Units

  • Bench Type Power Units, Portable Power Units, Reservior Power Units, and Contractor Power Units
  • Water, Oil, and a wide range of other liquids
  • Air controls, Liquid Controls, gauges, muffler
  • Pressures up to 36,500 PSI


 Air-Driven High Output Pumps

  • Suitable for water, oil, regrigerants, and low lubricity liquids
  • S-216-JD- Pump – Double Acting
    • Ratios: 6.8:1, 34:1, 36:1, 60:1, pressures to
      6,000 psig (414 bar)
  • S-218-GJC Pump – Double Acting
    • Ratios, 45:1, 65:1 - pressures to 6500 psig
      (448 bar)
  • S-218-200D Pump – Double Ended
    • 2.25 gpm (8.7 lpm) - pressures to
      20,000 psig (1379 bar)
  • S-525 Hand Pump
  • SM-3 Mini Hand Pump



Sprague Product Overviews, Manuals, and Specification Sheets