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GO Regulator is a leading manufacturer of standardized and specialty pressure regulators, diaphragm valves. Its products provide back pressure regulation for high-pressure, high sensitivity, and sub-atmospheric applications
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GO Regulator diaphragm valves pressure regulators and filters group

Diaphragm Valves | Pressure Regulators - General | Back Pressure Regulators | Vaporizing Regulators | Filters

GO Regulator DV1 manual and pnuematic diaphragm valves group
Diaphragm Valves
  • Manual turn valves
  • Manual 1/4-plus turn valves
  • Pneumatic actuated valves
GO Regulator PR Series DL Series and COM Series pressure regulator group
Pressure Regulators - General
  • Single stage regulators - types: CPR-1, CPR-5, LG-1, PR-1, PR-2, PR-5, PR-7, PR-7L PR-7ULF, PR-9, PR-11, SPR
  • Cylinder regulators - types: CYL-1, CYL-2, CYL-3, CYL-20, CYL-21, CC-2, COM-1, COM-2B, COM-2P
  • Dome loaded regulators - types: DL-50, DL-56, DL-57, DL-59
  • High pressure regulators - types: PR-50, PR-56, PR-57, PR-59
  • Hydraulic regulators - types: GHR series
GO Regulator back pressure regulators group
Back Pressure Regulators
  • BP-3 - Adjustable back pressure regulators
  • BP-6 - High flow back pressure regulators
  • BP-8 - High flow back pressure regulators
  • BP-8LF - High sensitivity back pressure regulators
  • CBP-3 – Compact 316L stainless steel regulators
  • LB-1 – Ultra-miniature back pressure regulators
  • SBPR - Subatmospheric back pressure regulators
  • BP-60 – High pressure back pressure regulators
  • BP-66 - High pressure back pressure regulators
GO Regulator steam heated and electrically heated vaporizing regulators group
Vaporizing Regulators
  • HPR-2 - types: Steam Heated, electrically Heated
  • HPR-2XW - types: Steam Heated, electrically Heated
  • Cylinder vaporizer - types: Steam Heated, electrically Heated
  • Dual heated - types: Steam Heated, electrically Heated
  • Miniature vaporizing regulators
  • LNG sample analyzers
  • HXR Institu temperatire exchanger
GO Regulator F4 and F6-K filters group
  • F-4 line filters
  • F6-K line filters

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