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Edwards Vacuum pumps valves and products group

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Edwards liquid ring pump CXS dry pumps turbomolecular pumping station and XDS dry scroll pump group
  • Chemical and process pumps - types: CDX, CXS, EDP dry pumps; steam ejector pumps
  • Gamma UHV pumps
  • Oil vapor diffusion pumps
  • Dry pumps - types: small, industrial, semiconductor
  • Liquid ring pumps
  • Oil sealed rotary pumps
  • Turbomolecular pumps
  • Acoustic enclosures
Edwards HV and EH mechanical booster pump group
Vacuum Products
  • Vacuum fittings: NW, ISO, CF
  • Lubricants and sealants: V-lube, oils, perfluorpolyether oils, pump fluids, grease, waxes
  • Mechanical boosters: EH, HV, pXH, Stokes
Edwards soft start valves PVMK isolation valves and Speedi valves group
Vacuum Valves
  • Speedi valves
  • Ball valves
  • PVMK manual operation isolation valves
  • PVPK pneumatic operation isolation valves
  • Backing/roughing valves
  • Soft-start valves
  • BGV gate valves
  • CF gate valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Air admit / needle valves
  • Electro-pneumatic control valves
  • ISO gate valves
Edwards vacuum measurement gauges and controllers group
Measurement and Control Products
  • Active Pirani vacuum gauges
  • TIC instrument controllers
  • Profibus communications module
  • ADC active digital controllers
  • APGX-H active linear convection gauges
  • ATC active thermocouple gauges
  • ASG active strain gauges
  • AIM active inverted magnetron gauges
  • WRG active wide range gauges
  • AIGX active ion gauges
  • CG16K capsule dial gauges
  • IS16K vacuum interlock switches
  • VS16K adjustable vacuum switches
  • Gascheck leak detectors

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