Turck is a pioneer in industrial automation technology - supplying products to the factory and process automation markets.
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Turck electrical products and systems group

Connectivity | Interfaces | Encoders and RFID Systems | Intrinsic Safety Systems | Linear Displacement Transducers | Relays

Turck receptacles and splitters group

Connective products and accessories are available for:

  • Eurofast - conduit adapters, cordsets, field wireables, junction boxes, receptacles, splitters
  • Microfast - cordsets, field wireables, receptacles, splitters
  • Mil-spec - types: threaded, bayonette, reverse bayonette
  • Minifast - cordsets, field wireables, junction boxes, receptacles, splitters
  • Multibox - for: eurofast, microfast, pentafast, picofast
  • Multifast - conduit apapters, cordsets, field wireables, receptacles
  • Network media - bus stations
  • Pentafast - cordsets, junction boxes, receptacles
  • Reelfast bulk cable - types: Armorfast, CPE rubber flexlife, super cable,
    TPE weldlife, XOR, polypropylene, and flexlife PUR, PVC, TPE
  • Splitters and tees - for: eurofast, picofast, microfast, minifast
  • V*fast - sizes: 18 mm, 18 mm with ground, 10 mm, 8 mm, 9.4 mm, 11 mm
  • Versafast M16 - cordsets, field wireables, receptacles, tees
Turck solenoid drivers and switching power supply
  • Couplers and solenoid drivers
  • Level controllers - range selector switches, range selector jumpers,
    range selectors fixed
  • Logic and set-point controllers - setpoint controllers, temperature controllers
  • Power supplies and monitors - IM power supply input types: IM82-24-2.5,
    IM82-24-5, IM82-24-10, IM82-24-20
  • Rotational speed devices - Overspeed and underspeed monitors with analog output
  • Switching Amps input devices - discreet output types: 1 channel, 2 channel, 4 channel
Turck handheld encoders group
Encoders and RFID Systems
  • Absolute encoders - types: multiturn, singleturn
  • Cordsets and brackets - for: eurofast, multifast, military
  • Incremental encoders - types: heavy duty, magnetic ring encoder,
    miniature, standard
  • Linear draw wire encoders - types: Kubler A50, B80, C120, D135,
    mini (incremental or analog), standard
  • Linear encoders - sensor types Kubler L120, L150
  • Slip rings - types: Kubler SR060, SR085
  • RFID systems - tags, tranceivers, gateways, handhelds
Turck modular excom I/O system
Intrinsic Safety Systems

For plant safety and hazardous area sensing

  • Analog input isolators - interface modul isolator types: single/dual repeater/converters,
    temperature transmitters, HART compatible repeaters, potentiometer isolator/converters
  • Analog output isolators - types: interface module output isolators
  • Discreet input isolators - types: single and dual channel (relay/transistor),
    4 channel (relay/transistor), single channel rotational speed
  • Discreet output isolators - types: single and dual interface module isolators
  • I/O system - types: Excom
  • Diode barriers - types: Zener
Turck linear diplacement transducers group
Linear Displacement Transducers
  • Level probe transducers - types: magnetostrictive, sanitary, food grade, PVDF
  • Profile style transducers - types: enhanced resolution, standard resolution, digital
  • Q-track transducers - types: QR14 S, Q17 S, Q25 S, Q25 E
  • Rod style transducers - housing types: aluminum, stainless steel
  • WI series transducers - types: analog output WI series
Turck pluggable interface relay and time cubes
  • Interfacer relays - types: single pole, low level pole/bifurcated contact,
    input/output sockets and relays
  • IRC relays - types: 1 pole relays, 2 pole relays, solid state relays
  • MR-C plus relays - types: standard 8 pin and 11 pin plug ins, sensitive 11 pins,
    4 pole square base plug ins, square base power relays
  • QR-C relays - types:
  • Time cube timers - types: Comat
  • Sockets - types: power, 4 pole, standard 8 pin, 11 pin, 4 pole square base,
    square base, 1 pole, solid state

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