604-SS Straight Line Action Clamp

SKU#: 604-SS

Vendor: Destaco

Straight Line Action Latch Clamp
Maximum Holding Capacity: 300 (lbsf)
Manufacture No.: 604


Features and Specifications: 604 Straight Line Action Latch Clamp

•Model No.: 604-SS
•Maximum Holding Capacity (N): 1,780
•Maximum Holding Capacity (lbsf): 400
•Plunger Travel (mm): 38.1
•Plunger Travel (in): 1.500
•Plunger Height (mm): 38.1
•Plunger Height (in): 1.500
•Ef:Af Exerting Force: Applied Force ((pushing/pulling)): 45:1/26:1
•Plunger Travel (mm): 38.0
•Plunger Thread: 5/16-18
•Standard Material: Stainless Steel
•Toggle Lock Plus: No
•Plunger: Round
•Spindle (Recommended): 606904
•Spindle Included?: No
•Preferred Market: NA/SA
•Mounting Nut (Supplied): 606904
•Product Type: Threaded Body
•Weight: 0.20kg (0.44lb)

Additional Features:

•Versatile and compact
•Locks in both extended and retracted position
•Ergonomic handle grip supplied